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Skills Development Program


The Pan American Fencing Academy Fencing Skills Development Program:

  • Is a 5 Skill Level program (1 - Red, 2 - Blue, 3 - Bronze, 4 - Silver, 5 - Gold) designed to recognize the development of technical and tactical skill by fencers of all ages.
  • Is designed with standards for foil, epee, and sabre.
  • Provides fencers a roadmap and an incentive for personal development.
  • Supports both competitive and recreational fencing programs.
  • Provides coaches a basis for planning and organizing training for athletes.
  • Helps coaches prepare for professional examinations by organizing levels of training that match professional examination requirements.
  • Provides a competitive advantage by assuring your students that you offer a well designed training program that will build their skills.
  • Reflects the expertise and experience of 3 Maitres d'Armes, 3 Prevots, and 3 Moniteurs who designed the original program.


The measure of competitive success is the United States Fencing Association's national and regional points system and the letter classification system.  The Skills Development Program helps you develop the fencing skills you need to be successful, and tests those skills in the lesson environment.  The fencer completing a Skill Level has a specific set of fencing skills.  It is up to the individual fencer to successfully apply those techniques and tactics in the individual bout.

Using Our Skills Development Program

Using the PAFA Fencing Skills Development Program in your club, salle, or team is simple.  If you are a coach certified by the United States Fencing Coaches Association or the Academie d'Armes Internationale, a graduate of USA Fencing's Coaches College, or have other recognized coaching credentials:

(1) REGISTER using the form to the right.  Data collected with this form is treated as confidential, and for the use of the Pan American Fencing Academy only to determine that a coach meets our requirements to administer the program.  Statements on the form may be verified by PAFA to ensure program integrity.  Your information will be treated as confidential, and will only be used for program management.

(2) ORDER THE PROGRAM MANUAL using the PayPal link in the column to your right or by e-mailing us.  Pay by PayPal or check or money order.  The cost for supporting materials is $20.00.  The materials include knowledge handouts and skill evaluation forms for each level and multiple choice tests to test fencer knowledge.  These materials are supplied by e-mail as electronic files.

(3) TEST SKILLS as part of your normal training program in lessons or classes when your students master the skills for the level.

(4)  Provide students a copy of the KNOWLEDGE HANDOUT for their level.

(5) TEST KNOWLEDGE using the written test for the appropriate level at a convenient time when the students have learned the material.

(6) REPORT when students complete a level using the form in the right hand column.

(7) UPDATE YOUR MATERIALS regularly.  We routinely provide revisions and updates to the program materials by e-mail.  Please keep your e-mail address updated with us.


When a fencer meets the requirements of the Pan American Fencing Academy's Skills Development Program, PAFA will issue a certificate and/or patch for the fencer on the request of the fencing coach. 

  • Each certificate is signed by a PAFA supervising Fencing Master and by the fencer's own coach. 

  • Certificate data is kept permanently on file, and fencers may request a transcript which indicates the level achieved and the skills and knowledge included in the level at any time. 

  • Use PayPal to pay the for award elements.  Alternatively send a check or money order in the amount of $3.50 for patch only, $5.00 for certificate only, or $7.00 for patch and certificate to the Pan American Fencing Academy, P. O. Box 799, Glen Allen, VA 23060.

  • The completed certificate and/or patch is mailed by First Class mail to the coach's contact address for award.


Skills Development Coach's Materials

PAFA Skills Development manual, knowledge handouts, written tests, skill evaluation forms.

Skills Program Patch Order

PAFA Skills Development Program level patch.

Skills Program Certificate Order

PAFA Skills Development Program level certificate.

Skills Program Patch and Certificate

PAFA Skills Development Program level patch and certificate.