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First Gold Level Award

We are proud to announce that Dede Deane has earned the first Level 5 Gold award awarded by our Skill Development Program.  She fences Veteran sabre at Salle Green in Glen Allen, Virginia.

Glossary Update

We are back to working on the Glossary - 106 terms today from 25 contemporary sources, a drop in the bucket, but getting to be a bigger drop every time we add one headed toward our goal of 500.

Musketeer Program

Our new program for Youth 10 and Youth 8 fencer skill development is now operational.  This program is designed to encourage fencer development as a good technician and as a responsible athlete.  Information is on our Musketeer page.  Print materials for the first rank, Musketeer, are available no…

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Glossary Update

We continue to work on the Glossary.  As a living document we add terms on an irregular basis, but try to always make additions each week.  We have reached 90 terms, with a conservative estimate of a final count of 500 as a target for the project.

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New Level 3 Fencer

Congratulations to Fred Vegas, who fences at Salle Green, for earning his Level 3 in the Pan American Fencing Academy Skills Development Program in Epee.  He also holds Level 3 in Foil.

New Level 2 Fencer

Congratulations to Nathan Hayes for satisfactorily completing the written and practical skills tests for PAFA's Skill Development Program in Foil at Salle Green on 14 February 2017. 

New Level 3 Fencer

Congratulations to Fred Vegas for earning Level 3 in Foil (already held Level 3 in Epee) in the Pan American Fencing Academy skill development program. 

Training Tips

Our catalog of training tips applicable to fencing is now up to 42 good thought-provokers that can help improve your fencing and training, and we have completed a reworking of the list to divide it by topics.

New Glossary

We have added a glossary to the site.  This is a long term project, adding one new term several times a week, with an end goal of 500+ terms that relate to fencing, to coaching fencing, and to training fencers.

Materials Update

We are in the midst of a complete update of materials for the Skills Development Program.  The program manual and requirements have been updated, and a complete set of updated Level 1 materials published.  We are working on Level 2 materials at this time.

Open Badges

We are in the process of developing open badges for the Skill Level Program and for award to individuals who complete National Training Program clinics cohosted by PAFA.  Open Badges are icons with embedded metadata that identifies the awarding organization, the purpose of the qualification, and the…

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Site Update Complete

We have added the last components, the Skills Development Program and the on-site course listing to the website, completing the transition.  Thank you for your patience.

Site Update in Process

Our original website software was old, was no longer supported, and was becoming unreliable.  A key principle of fencing tactics is to change what you are doing when what you are doing is not working.  So that is what we are doing.  Please bear with us in the transition.

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