Pan American Fencing Academy

Better Fencing Through Better Coaching

Courses Offered

The Academy teaches the 11 current one day modules of the United States Fencing Coaches Association National Training Program.  Course enrolment is handled through FRED, and clinics are listed in FRED under the Virginia Division, unless we are delivering a course in another state.  These include:

  • Assistant Moniteur 
  • Moniteur 1
  • Moniteur 2
  • Prevot 1
  • Prevot 2
  • Prevot 3
  • Prevot 4
  • Maitre 1
  • Maitre 2
  • Maitre 3
  • Maitre 4

In addition, PAFA collaborates with our sister center, the Center for Historical Fencing, in delivering the USFCA Moniteur d'Escrime Historique clinics in Longsword and Rapier.

Our planned schedule for the 2015-2016 fencing year includes Assistant Moniteur, Moniteur, and Prevot sequences, along with a Longsword and Rapier combined clinic.

Primary Clinc Instructor

Maitre d'Armes Walter Green serves as the primary clinic instructor.  Maitre Green started fencing in 1965 at Duke University and lettered as a sabre fencer on Duke's varsity.  He has been a competitive fencer (C in sabre, E in Foil and Epee, and County Colours in Cambridgeshire in England), administrator (AFLA Virginia Division and Mid-Atlantic Section Chair), and referee (AFLA 1 in Epee and 2 in Foil and Sabre).  He has studied under Maestro Giorgio Santelli, Maitre's Raoul Sudre and Vinnie Bradford (USFCA), Fechtmeister Mike Bunke (Akademie der Fechtkunst Deutschlands) , and Provost Ron Cullum (British Academy of Fencing).  He passed his Moniteur examination in all three weapons in 2004, the Prevot examination in 2005, and his Maitre examination in Germany in 2005 at the Academie d'Armes Internationale Maitre course.  Each examination included at least one President of a professional coaches organization as a member of his panel.  In 2014 he was the first individual designated by the USFCA as a Maitre d'Armes Historique.  He is the author of 5 fencing textbooks, an extensive range of articles on the sport, and the USFCA National Training Program.