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Do you want to be a better, more active fencing coach?  Do you want a different challenge?  Are you just bored with fencing as your life?  Try the Master at Arms Challenge, open to all certified coaches, sponsored by the Pan American Fencing Academy.  The objective of this challenge is to encourage you as a professional coach to connect with a wide range of experiences in the sport, while increasing your level of activity and stretching your abilities.

1.  ELIGIBILITY:  Any member of the United States Fencing Coaches Association or of any other national academy of arms, any Animateur, Moniteur, Prevot or Maitre d'Armes certified by the Academie d'Armes Internationale or any individual certified by his or her national amateur fencing association (including the Coaches College of USA Fencing) as a coach at any level.

2.  REQUIREMENTS:  To complete the Master at Arms Challenge you must meet 10 of the following 13 requirements during a fencing or calendar year (participants not resident in the United States should contact PAFA to arrange equivalent activities):

... CONTINUING EDUCATION:  Complete a minimum of 20 continuing education hours through attendance at accredited workshops, clinics, or courses, including United States Fencing Coaches Association National Training Program and regional workshops and the USFCA annual conference.

... READING:  Read at least one book about modern fencing.  Read at least one book about historical swordplay, stage combat, other sword systems (including Asian weapons) sports psychology, or sports conditioning. 

... COACHES TRAINING:  Supervise at least one individual through the training process to become an Assistant Moniteur certified by the United States Fencing Coaches Association.  Alternately mentor at least one individual in the process of becoming certified as a Moniteur, Prevot, or Maitre d'Armes of the United States Fencing Coaches Association.  If not currently certified as a professional coach, become certified as an Assistant Moniteur or Moniteur.

... NEW FENCER DEVELOPMENT:  Teach at least 10 new fencers how to fence. 

... LESSONS:  Teach a minimum of 300 lessons, individual or group, training, technical, bouting, or warmup, to students at any level of development.

... COMPETITION:  Compete in at least 5 tournaments conducted as formal tournaments by a recognized fencing organization.  These may be in any weapon, electric or dry, in any age group classification, and at any level from a club or salle competition to the Summer Nationals.

... BOUTING:  Outside of lessons and competition fence at least 300 bouts.     

... REFEREEING:  Referee at least 100 bouts.  This may be in salle or club fencing or as a competition referee certified by a recognized fencing organization.

... PERSONAL FENCING SKILLS:  Take a minimum of 50 lessons from another coach or do a minimum of 50 hours of footwork, bladework, and conditioning drills.

... FIRST AID CERTIFICATION:  Gain or renew certification in basic first aid and/or cardiopulmonary resuscitation or complete a sports first aid course offered by a recognized first aid training organization.

... ANOTHER SWORD SYSTEM: Take 10 lessons in a sword system different from modern or classical fencing, such as Chanbara, Kendo, Kenjutsu, bayonet, Lancet Epee, historical European fencing, etc. 

... PARTICIPATION:  Participate as an officer or committee member or in other governance roles of a recognized fencing organization at the local, state, sectional, or national level.

... PROFESSIONALISM:  Find a way to assist a colleague with their fencing program.  Or do an act of kindness for a coach or fencer or referee.  Or confront and resolve a personal ethical challenge in your own fencing activities.

3.  COMPLETING THE CHALLENGE:  Participants submit a weekly log of activity using our online submission form in the column to the right.  Activity may be reported for any one year period.  Individuals who meet the Challenge's requirements will be recognized with an appropriate certificate and patch. 

4.  ENROLLING:  Complete the online application in the column to the right and submit the $20 entry fee as an online payment by PayPal or by check mailed to our contact address.